Review of Solgar, a Genuine and High Quality Supplements Brand

Review of Solgar, a Genuine and High Quality Supplements Brand

This review of Solgar is about my preferred quality brand for the supplements I take.

Our Green Health is about additions to your food that are beneficial. Usually, we think of capsules and tablets when we think about supplements. Yet, I consider spices, herbs, and vitamins and minerals in food as much a supplement as those ones.

In some situations, it is advisable or necessary to take a capsule or another form of supplement. In How many different forms of supplements are available? you can read about the different types of supplements.

In How to Choose Supplements that are Beneficial I wrote how you can make your personal choice of supplements. 

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Review of Solar supplements

Solgar is in my view a high-quality brand because they have their own production chain and lab. Their products are packaged in glass and contain no preservatives or synthetic flavours or other unhealthy additions.

Why would you take supplements?

Solgar supplements in the morning during my breakfast

Eating varied food is the first step to making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs. Why wouldn’t that be sufficient? The main reasons are:

  • Agriculture has changed a lot over the past century. Due to the accelerated and increased production, many nutrients have either been lost or are present to a lesser extent in the produce;
  • With a one-sided diet. Maybe you don’t like a lot of things or there are other reasons why you eat unilaterally;
  • Our body absorbs nutrients less well when aging;
  • Specific groups need more than the usual amount. Vegetarians, vegans and elderly people have a risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. Women who want to get pregnant need extra folic acid. 

Just taking supplements because you THINK you need them is not sufficient. You need to KNOW what deficiencies you have. Because you might also take too much and you don’t want to put yourself into danger, do you?

Quality for your body

Review of Solgar for quality supplements

Since I am not a doctor or dietitian, I have to rely on what others say. And those others aren’t my friends or a random drugstore salesperson. I trust the judgment of some experts from the Netherlands. An alternative physician, who practices as a lifestyle coach, and a retired pharmacist.

I am convinced there are English, American, Spanish and other experts that are trustworthy. The only reason I listen to those 2 people is that I am Dutch. 🙂 

Solgar is one of the brands they recommend. Mainly because Solgar has a high-quality production facility and its own lab. 

Because it’s a highly recommended brand and their production line works in small batches, a supplement can be sold out. That’s why I sometimes have another brand. And that’s why I now know why I prefer Solgar: I can easily swallow the capsules.  

Quality for the environment

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we can’t continue in the same unwholesome way as we have done so far. We have to take the environment and Mother Earth into account.  Moreover, pesticides and herbicides are not only bad for nature but for our bodies as well.

Solgar packs its supplements in brown glass. The dark glass prevents oxidation because it allows almost no light or air to pass through. Also, glass does not interact with the supplements, as often happens with plastic packaging. 

For me, the main advantage of their packaging is that glass is recyclable.

Avoiding allergic reactions

Virtually all Solgar products are free from sugar, dairy, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, preservatives and synthetic colours and flavours.

This is not only an advantage for people with allergies, like Coeliac patients, but also makes the supplements suitable for vegans, Jews, or Muslims. 

Solgar Vitamin B12

Food safety and certification

The USA and Europe have different requirements, yet every country demands high standards when it comes to food safety. Such a standard is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Solgar does quality control on every step of the production process. From the raw materials to the final product. That is the advantage of having their own production facilities and laboratories.

Synthetic or natural, is there any difference?

Producers of synthetic will claim their supplements are no different from the natural ones. It’s no rocket science to conclude there is of course a difference. You can’t always taste the difference, yet your body will react to natural supplements much better than to synthetic ones.

Solgar uses natural sources. They use their own formulas to compose the supplements, not to manufacture them. 

To summarize


Solgar Iron
  • High quality, manufacturing process and packaging;
  • Own production, able to maintain high standards for the substances and use of their own formulas;
  • Production in small batches, guarantees freshness. Each batch has a serial number printed on the bottle;
  • Lab control, some supplements, for example the multivitamins, go through more than 100 control steps;
  • Dark glass, preventing oxidation;
  • 100% Label claim, this guarantees that all active ingredients are still 100% present on the expiration date;
  • No preservatives;
  • No synthetic colors and flavors;
  • No sugar, dairy, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, in most of the products.


  • At times sold out, a consequence of quality and small batches; 
  • Plastic sealing, it’s probably a regulation from the certification institutions. But I don’t see why that can’t be a paper seal, like quality wines have.
  • Not always expert advice available, on the website it is stated that every selling point has somebody to give qualified information. 
  • Email newsletter is only available for USA residents, OK, I can pretend to live in the States, because it’s a box I need to tick. And I am honest, so I didn’t.

My personal verdict

Professional Supplement Center

If I need supplements for my health, then I want only the best available. Most of my friends my age are on medication. I am quite sure I postpone the need for medicines by my sensible way of taking supplements. Solgar is not the cheapest brand there is, but medication is more expensive.

If you have a shop nearby that sells Solgar, then, by all means, go there, because they might have expert advice. If not, you can easily order online through one of my links. 🙂

Do you have a favourite brand for supplements? Tell us in the comment box below.

10 thoughts on “Review of Solgar, a Genuine and High Quality Supplements Brand”

  1. Hi Hannie,

    To be honest, I’ve never really considered the difference between synthetic and natural supplements.

    Up until a few years ago the only “supplements” I took were to go alongside my exercise routine.

    However, for the first time in my life around about 5 years ago I kept getting ill. I initially assumed it was knock-on effect from the grief of losing a loved-one at the time, but after eventially visiting my GP it turns out I had a number of vitamin deficiencies (even with my fairly healthy lifestyle).

    I now take a multivitamin, omega-3 and a separate vitamin D supplement on a daily basis.

    As I’ve said, I’d never really looked into the differences between brands and natural/synthetic, but as taking supplements has become a daily occurrence for me now, I guess it’s time to look at these things a little closer.

    You’ve definitely given me plenty of food for thought here Hannie.

    Thanks as always

    • Good to hear you are working on it, Partha, but I am truly sorry you had a lot of deficiencies. We never know until we test it, do we. I keep being amazed as well one can have several deficineices while living a healthy lifestyle. I am afraid that is because our food has been modified too much and just isn’t as healthy anymore as – let’s say – 40 years ago.

  2. Hi Hannie,

    This is a really informative article for me, as I have just had blood tests and the Doctor said I need a bit more vitamins and iron in my diet. He actually suggested supplements that I am looking into, but I don’t think he mentioned Solgar. From your review it sounds like it is a very good supplement indeed.

    I will let you know if I start to take these and also the other supplements I might look into. I will let you know about them too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thanks Tom. And yes, please let me know what you have chosen.
      I am a bit surprised your doctor didn’t mention Solgar. Maybe because its an American brand? I can imagine he’d rather choose an English one 🙂

  3. Hi Hannie,

    I’m also a fan of Solgar. I have used quite a few different supplements of theirs and highly recommend it. As a big on healthy and positive lifestyle, I have tried many different brands of vitamins and other supplements. But I can really feel the difference when it comes to Solgar.

    Thank you for the review and to reconfirm my favorites!.

  4. Hi Hannie, great review. I very often see this brand in the Healthy Shops. They are very popular indeed, but haven’t tried. I wasn’t sure how good it was. As per your review it seems that it is worth to try it out. I do need to take Vitamin D supplement as in the place where I live we don’t get as much sun as we should. Next time I will try one of this brand and see the result. Thanks for the tips.

    • Lucky you, TPG, to see them in reality in the shops. Where I live I haven’t encounter them (yet), so I have to order it online. The good thing being of course, that I can order them online, because it would be even worse if I couldn;t buy them at all. 🙂

  5. I am taking the Solgar iron supplement and want to double check as to best time of day to take it,
    and which vitamin supplements should not be taken with iron.
    Can you help me?

    • Iron is best taken on an empty stomach with a glass of orange juice (vitamin C promotes iron absorption). Calcium hinders the absorption of iron.

      Have a look at this article I wrote as well: What is the Best Time for Supplements, Water, and Food?

      However, I am an interested layman, not a specialist. So I would also check with your doctor or dietitian.

      I hope this helps.
      Take care.


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