How to Lose Weight without Hunger in a Practical Way

How to Lose Weight without Hunger in a Practical Way

The problem with many diets is the feeling of hunger. This gives you the idea that you are punishing yourself and you run the risk of snacking in between. Comfort food.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to find a solution that is permanent. So how to lose weight without hunger is an important part of that solution.

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily have to be about eating. There are other ways too, such as exercising or simply walking every day.

Yet, this article is about eating. And more specifically about either not eating (fasting) or eating in a special way (detoxing).

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Set a goal

Calculate your BMI

Deciding that you want to lose weight without setting a goal has a pretty high chance of failure. In addition, it is therefore difficult to decide when you have lost enough weight.

First of all, you determine how many kilos you want to lose. A doctor or dietitian may have told you how many pounds you should lose. If not, you can determine it on the basis of your BMI, the Body Mass Index.

A healthy BMI has a value between 20 and 25. Although that is an average. It also depends on your gender, build, and occupation.

Calculation of BMI

The formula: weight in kilos divided by height in meters squared.

As an example: my own BMI is 21,97. I weigh 65kg divided by (1,72m x 1,72m). When I started losing weight I weighed 88kg and my BMI was 29,75. (Almost obese! Higher than 30 is called obese.)

Based on the desired BMI number, the formula is the other way around: weight is BMI times height2. If you want a BMI of 25 with my height, your weight should be 74kg.

Make a plan

Tom and Hannie
Tom and Hannie, respectively 97 and 88 kg. 🙂

Once you have determined how many pounds you want to lose, you need to decide how you want to do it.

In my view, a combination of losing weight, exercising, and working on your mindset is best. And although there are all kinds of crash diets that promise you quick results, it is healthier not to lose weight too quickly.

Your body must be able to adapt to the new situation. It took Tom and me 2 years to lose nearly 25kg each. That meant 1 kilo per month.

Very easy going. As a result, now – a few years later – we are still more or less at that weight.

Call it a change of lifestyle instead of a diet

Diet is often something temporary with the risk of the yo-yo effect. As soon as you stop that diet, your weight will increase again.

That’s why we called our weight-loss plan at the time a lifestyle change and certainly not a diet. We intended to maintain that lifestyle for the rest of our lives.

Usually, we keep up with that promise. Especially because we allow ourselves one cheat day per week.

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Detox or fasting?

Tom and Hannie, 2020
Tom and Hannie, respectively 75 and 64 kg. 🙂

Little changed during the first lockdown. I had found a way to work on my fitness. We didn’t need comfort food or comfort drinks.

That was different with the 2nd and 3rd lockdown. Then I had a cheat day more often. And I even drank white wine a few times, which I don’t normally. So I ended up weighing 67kg.

I wanted to lose a few pounds by either fasting or doing a detox cure. And since I am already an intermittent faster, I did a detox.

Advantages of fasting

Fasting is the complete or partial abstinence from eating or drinking or from certain foods for a period of time. According to Healthline, these are science-backed benefits of fasting:

  • Promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance;
  • Promotes better health by fighting inflammation;
  • May enhance heart health by improving blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels;
  • May boost brain function and prevent neurodegenerative disorders;
  • Supports weight loss by limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism;
  • Increases growth hormone secretion, which is vital for growth, metabolism, weight loss, and muscle strength;
  • Could delay aging and extend longevity;
  • May aid in cancer prevention and increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Disadvantages of fasting

  • Risk of dehydration;
  • Might cause headaches;
  • Muscle loss;
  • Weight loss might be temporary, as soon as you start eating again you’ll gain weight;
  • Can cause heartburn, because of the reduction of stomach acid.

Not eating at all doesn’t seem like something you should do without a doctor’s consultation anyway.

Advantages of detoxing

Detoxification is the internal cleaning of the body of waste products or toxins.

  • Improves immune system;
  • Increases energy and sense of vitality;
  • Improves kidney and liver function;
  • Revitalizes mind and soul;
  • Jump-starts weight-loss program or new diet;
  • Eliminates bad eating habits.

Disadvantages of detoxing

Green smoothie
  • Low in calories, which will leave you with little energy to exercise and may disrupt your metabolic rate and blood glucose levels;
  • May experience gastrointestinal distress and frequent bowel movements;
  • Weight loss might be temporary, as soon as you start eating normally you’ll gain weight;
  • It’s not a proven method to get rid of all toxins;
  • Low in protein.

My experiences over the years

I was raised a Catholic. In my youth, we had to fast between Carnival and Easter. For us kids, that meant no more than not eating sweets. We had to put everything we got from the grandmothers or in shops in a tin box. So that we could get ourselves very nauseous after Easter by eating everything as quickly as possible. 🙂

In my 30s I did a juice cure with a friend. First, we ate less and less solid food for a week, then only fruit juices for a week, and in the 3rd week gradually started eating again.

Another decade later I did a colon detox. I found that really tough and not such a clean business with those enemas. Yikes.


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A couple of years ago I wanted to spend a whole month without sugar. That’s when I discovered that even in prepared turkey slices sugar was added. As well as in a lot of other food. Amazing! In the first week, my head was almost bursting. But after that, I felt great. Nowadays we hardly eat sugary stuff.

Last month I did Your Super’s Detox, a 5-day cure. I expected it to be a piece of cake because I don’t eat lots of the forbidden food anyway. Maybe it was the coffee I missed dearly, I don’t know. But again I had a severe headache during these days.

Most of the disadvantages mentioned above are not present in this cure. Even though it’s completely plant-based there is a balance between protein, carbs, and nutrients. But as my headache proved, some side effects may occur. Mentioned are headaches, bad moods, getting a cold, tiredness, or skin pimples.

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How to lose weight without hunger

Because of Your Super’s Detox, I lost 1 kilo in that week. Apart from the headaches, which are a common short-term result of detoxing, I liked this last cure I did. Not once was I hungry. The food was delicious. Breakfast and ‘dinner’ were smoothies and lunch was always a salad.

It’s obvious why I lost just 1 kilo. I wasn’t that heavy to begin with. People in the Facebook support group mention a much bigger loss of weight. As explained above I am not in favor of rapid weight loss. But it can be a nice start to a lifestyle change.

Did you ever try to lose weight? Tell us in the comment box below.

6 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight without Hunger in a Practical Way”

  1. Great article.
    I also indulge in intermittent fasting. I don’t eat breakfast and only eat a light lunch and supper.

    I don’t often eat snacks but if I do raw veggies or fruit does the trick.

    Sweets are reserved for special occasions and then only a very small piece.

    I have successfully lost weight by eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise but lately, it seems to have stalled.

    I have never tried a detox. Do you think it would help jumpstart further weight loss?

    What type of detox would you recommend and for how long?

    I have never tried a detox.

    • Ahh, well, that’s definitely something I can learn from you, Deb, not-snacking in between meals 🙂 I love a cookie with my coffee or tea. Sugar-free and fat-free, but nevertheless . . . 😉

      Congratulations on losing weight! That is always such a big achievement and something to be proud of. The stalling is something I recognize. The same happened to me when I had gone from 86 to 75 kg. I stayed 75 for some time. Partly that was a mental thing – I had planned to go to 75 so I had reached my target. Partly, it’s a common thing happening to almost everybody that loses weight. Your body has adjusted to the new regime.

      So yes, I think a detox can jumpstart further weight loss because it means a different approach to which your body will react.

      As described I have tried various ways of detoxing. For me the Your Super Detox works best. And you can believe me, I am not saying that because I am an affiliate of them (which I am), but because I truly liked that method the most. I felt very clean after those days and intend to repeat it every quarter at the start of a new season. Because I didn’t feel hungry once it’s very doable. The only thing that was difficult for me was to not drink coffee in the morning. 🙂

  2. Great information here Hannie.

    I am also a habitual intermittent faster. This has helped drop my BMI from 29.6 to 25.8 in about a year so a very gradual weight loss.

    While I still have a ways to go to reach my goal and be in the healthy zone I know I will get there and stay there.

    I have never believed fast weight loss is healthy or sustainable. Lifestyle changes are more effective for permanent weight loss.

    I have never tried a detox before. Do you have additional tips on how I best can start? It seems like something that could help me to continue my weight loss in a healthy way.

    • Thanks, Josje. 🙂

      Wow, that’s an amazing result on your BMI. How good of you! And very sensible to do that at a slow and steady pace. As for more tips on the detox cure:
      It’s vital to stay hydrated. And it is a good idea to start minimizing your caffeine and refined sugar intake a few days before you start the actual detox cure. At a slow pace as well, so if for instance, you drink 4 cups of coffee daily, then start 5 days before and reduce 1 cup each day.

      I wonder if it will have the same effect on you as on me. When I had tried that month to skip all sugar, I hardly ate any refined sugar since. To be completely without any refined sugar is almost impossible as we go out for lunch at times (the Spanish love their sugar!) and at times we want something with our tea if we have landed on a terrace. But an occasional cheat day is fine.

      Good luck and stay safe.

  3. Hey, great advice up there, thanks!

    However, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t look too much at BMI. At the moment, my BMI is too high (31.8), I weigh 103 kg. Two years ago, I was 90kg, and the BMI was 27.8 which is according to it – too high again. And with that 90kg, I was in the best condition ever – I was working out, going to the gym, etc. That’s the reason why I don’t always just look at the BMI calculator.

    When it comes to eating, I eat too much bread, and that’s why I gained 13kg. I’ll give this detox a try and see how it works, maybe it could help me to get back to 90kg.

    • Let me be motherly for once, Petar, it’s such a pity if your BMI is this high at a young age. Of course, I don’t know your age, but I guess you are definitely younger than I am. The longer you wait with dealing with your weight, the more difficult it will be.

      If the only reason not to look at the BMI calculator is because then you would feel obliged to do something about it, I can definitely recommend looking at daily! No point in hiding or denying the state of your body. You do know what state the world is in at the moment, and obese people are at more risk when they catch the virus than skinny people.

      The detox cure will surely help you. It will take a lot to get used to if you now mainly eat bread because it is completely plant-based. But if you can keep yourself motivated, you will surely succeed and kickstart a more healthy lifestyle. I believe in you! Good luck!


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