How Healthy are Mushrooms? 7 Reasons to eat them

How Healthy are Mushrooms? 7 Reasons to eat them.

If there is one thing I miss about the Netherlands in autumn, it is the sight of the many mushrooms during our forest walks. Over here in the south of Spain, it is so dry, that seeing mushrooms is pretty rare.

We never picked them, by the way. We have heard too many stories of people who got sick from mushrooms, so we would rather not take any risks.

So how healthy are mushrooms, if you obviously have to be that careful?

Well, don’t worry. If you buy mushrooms in the store or if you pick them under the guidance of a renowned forager, there are a lot of health benefits to gain. If you have a guide, you’ll also make sure you are allowed to pick mushrooms in that area. In some countries, like the Netherlands, it’s forbidden by law to pick mushrooms in some places!

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How healthy are mushrooms?

Mushrooms are very healthy. It’s obvious this does not include the poisonous ones, yet the edible mushrooms like button mushrooms, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms are truly healthy, and tasty as well.

In the vegetables department

Amanita muscaria; found in the Netherlands
Amanita muscaria: better not eat those!

Although you will find mushrooms in the vegetable aisle, strictly spoken, they are not vegetables, but fungi. The Agaricus bisporus, better known as button or white mushroom, is the most well-known.

All edible mushrooms contain a lot of useful nutrients and are popular with people who want to lose weight because they have just a few calories. 

Tom and I eat a lot of mushrooms when they are available. Yes, I know they are available in supermarkets all year round, but maybe you have read more articles from us and then you know that we are avid enthusiasts of organic produce. And that is only available during the season.

It might not be true, but it’s my impression that there is a greater variety of mushrooms in the organic shops. I see mainly the white mushroom in the supermarkets. We usually buy a mix of shiitake, oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus), chanterelles, and chestnut mushrooms.

Shelf life of mushrooms

Mushrooms are vulnerable, so it’s best to consume them within 3 days of purchase. Keep them in the fridge in a paper bag. When you store them in a plastic container, make sure it’s not airtight. If you only have closed containers, leave the lid off and cover them with a thin foil with some holes in it.

Don’t store them together with onions or garlic, as they will absorb the taste. They also absorb moisture easily, so you can better clean them with a soft brush than with water.

Tasty mushrooms

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There are several ways you can prepare mushrooms. You can bake, fry, or cook them. They’re delicious as soup. The big ones, like the Portabellas aka Portobellos, can be stuffed with a choice of vegetarian or seafood filling. 

They have a bit of an earthy taste, which you may or may not like, of course. If you don’t like their taste you can also eat them because of the health benefits. Mix them with a variety of vegetables to mask the taste and make use of their nutrients.

Some food agencies recommend not to eat raw mushrooms. They contain Agaritine. I was surprised by this warning, because Agaritine is found in Agaricus mushrooms, a wild kind, as far as I know. But if you want to be on the safe side and you like raw mushrooms, just eat a little bit.

Healthy mushrooms

How Healthy are Mushrooms? 7 Reasons to eat them.

Mushrooms contain vitamin B2, potassium, folic acid, and fiber. Years ago there was an ad on Dutch TV to praise the mushroom as a substitute for meat. I don’t know where they got that from. A meat substitute has to contain iron and vitamin B12, mushrooms don’t have that. 

Several other vitamins and micronutrients are in the different kinds of mushrooms. White mushrooms and oyster mushrooms contain a lot of vitamins B2 and B3. Most mushrooms have copper. Shiitakes have a lot of selenium, which serves our immune system.

How healthy are mushrooms? Here is a list:

1. Energy booster

Solgar Shiitake supplement
Solgar Shiitake supplement

Heightened energy comes from vitamins B and although in different compositions, mushrooms contain a lot of those. Copper also does wonders for our energy levels. 

2. Good for the immune system

Micronutrients like selenium are great to enhance our immune system. Something Tom and I are more aware of since COVID arrived. Also, because mushrooms are fungi, they feed the beneficial bacteria in our intestines. 80% of our resistance is built up in our gut, making it all the more clear it’s wise to eat healthy food.

3. Great mood enhancer

Mushrooms contain vitamin D, which can even be increased by putting them upside-down on the window sill for a few hours. Excellent news for me as I have a vitamin D deficiency

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4. Strong source for overall health

Portobellos contain as many antioxidants as red pepper. And antioxidants fight free radicals, which are damaging your cells. A delicious way to protect your cells!

5. Good for your heart

The fibers of mushrooms keep your heart healthy and improve your cholesterol levels. As well as the mineral potassium that mushrooms have in large quantities. In fact, portobellos contain as much potassium as bananas. 

6. Great for weight loss

If you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight mushrooms are perfect. They have a high nutritional value and contain almost no calories. Because you get a lot of nutrients, you feel satiated for a long time and will be less likely to grab unhealthy snacks. 

7. Takes care of the aging brain and body

Button mushrooms

There are studies that show mushrooms are fighting the negative effects of aging because of the antioxidants they contain. Eating at least 300 gr of mushrooms per week showed a significant positive effect in a control group.

Magic food

Psychedelics, such as marijuana and some types of mushrooms, have long had a bad reputation. Nowadays there are more and more studies that these substances have healing qualities that no medicine can compete with, due to the absence of side effects.

Research has shown that the uplifting qualities of some mushrooms have a positive effect on the mood of cancer patients.

And there are more health claims for mushrooms. For instance, that they may reduce the risk of developing diabetes because of the fibers they contain.

All in all, mushrooms are a great food group to supplement your diet with. 

Do you like mushrooms? And what kind do you eat the most? Tell me in the comment box.

14 thoughts on “How Healthy are Mushrooms? 7 Reasons to eat them”

  1. After reading your post, all I need to do now is to hop down the road to a grocery shop to buy some mushrooms! I did not know that they are that good for you especially for immune and mood boosting properties. This is an excellent veg I was not too aware of. That’s a great post you have shared with us and it’s much needed during the pandemic when people are searching for immune boosting stuff, which is right in their regular shopping trolley.

    Thank you for another excellent article from you.

    All the best

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it, Habib, how many benefits we can have from ‘ordinary’ food. Nature is so good for us if we treat her right. I still consider it unbelievable, governments point out so little about our own lifestyle in order to boost our immune system.

  2. Oh I love mushrooms! As long as is mushroom I will love it. Glad to learn that it has so many health benefits. Interesting to learn that mushroom can help in weight loss too. You mention the shelf life of mushrooms is 3 days after purchase. But I saw my mum keep her mushrooms in her fridge for quite long period. How do we tell whether the mushroom cannot be eat already for keeping too long?

    • You can smell it right away, when they are overdue, Janet. And depending on the kind, you can also see it by its color. Those 3 days are just a general indication, there are indeed types of mushrooms that last longer.

  3. Hi there,
    I’m a big fan of mushrooms. Sauteed with butter and thyme! I’m not an adventurous cook so my cooking is quite limited. Didn’t know it has lots of benefits apart from immune booster.
    Recently my 7 year old son was asking about magic mushroom(what!?). LOL!
    Will definitely add more mushrooms to my diet. Thanks for the beneficial article.

    • LOL, Arina, watch out for the magic in the magic mushrooms 🙂 Children pick up a lot, and sometimes it’s the stuff you are not keen about, isn’t it. But I guess we don’t have to worry about the supermarket mushrooms!

  4. Great detailed article on mushrooms Hennie. I love them and my favorite are the white button mushrooms, grilled alone or with other veggies, in a Wok, or even in salads, cooked and chilled or raw.
    Aside of all the nutritional benefits and weight loss, mushrooms are delicious and they are becoming more and more popular for the home cuisine, not just relegated to restaurant menus.
    Thank you for this article.


    • Thanks, Pablo. A wok! I keep forgetting that, but it is indeed also a great way to cook mushrooms and vegetables. Hmmm, with nice fresh herbs. I’m getting hungry 😀

  5. It is so nice to learn of all the wonderful health benefits of mushrooms. I personally love them! I will put them in or on anything I can. My family is so so about them, sometimes I chop them fine and hide them in food. Good to know that I am adding so many health benefits to our meals.

    • Exactly, Cheyenne, keep putting them in the food. 🙂 I take it your family includes children – we always notice the hussle to put healthy food into them when our grandchildren are here. Before they even tasted it, they already shout ‘no lo quiero’, I don’t want it. They don’t know what’s good for them 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing.

    In my city, many people have heart disease due to heavy diet habits. Sometimes, I’m also worried about the health of my heart. Fortunately, I discovered your article and I think I should start to eat more mushrooms. As you said, it is good for our hearts.

    All the best,


    • Hi Alex. Good of you to eat more mushrooms. Also, don’t worry because others get sick. When you make sure you eat lightly you’ll be fine!

  7. Hi Hannie,

    I love mushrooms.

    There was a time when she was a little girl that my sister would ONLY eat mushrooms. The doctor (incorrectly) told my Mum there was no food value in them. I suppose he was thinking of your point number 6 and forgetting everything else!

    Wish I could have shown him your article!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • It keeps amazing me too how little a lot of doctors know about food and nutrition, Joy. They clearly don’t believe in ‘food as medicine’ where oftentimes it’s better than all those drugs with numerous side-effects.


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